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Monday, July 14, 2014

Some Advice from Dolly Parton, One Awesome Lady

I'm going to share some advice I've read from Dolly Parton's auto-biography, "My Life and Other Unfinished Business." I think it's great advice for anyone in the entertainment "biz." She's also just a swell spunky gal.

Here goes:

"If there is one bit of advice I could give to young people trying to break into show business, it would be this: Don't assume that the people on the inside know what they're doing.  He may have a big office and a fancy suit. He may have the power to hire you or not. But he probably has no idea whether or not you have any talent. Even if he has an opinion, he probably has to clear it with guys in event bigger offices with even more expensive suits (and even less of a clue). There's a joke around Hollywood about a writer who runs into a studio executive over the weekend. 'What did you think of the script I turned in Friday?' the writer asks. The studio exec answers in all seriousness, 'I don't know. So far, I'm the only one who's read it.'"

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